Here are some snippets of video that hopefully convey the fun and energy of our live gigs. Though the main emphasis in these videos is on Irish material, we also have a huge repertoire of mainstream party tunes, some of which is referenced in the footage below. The first video features Ben playing an Irish traditional fiddle tune, plus a mash up of lots of other different parts of the band’s live set, as well as showing some bigger line ups of the band, including a brass section.


Fairytale of New York featuring Ben on fiddle, Alexis on guitar, Rory & Jonty on drums and bass

Unplugged, acoustic and at home

A very basic, totally live recording of the band playing through some bits from the live set. Grant on bass for this one, Chris on drums.

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Filmed and recorded live on St Patrick’s Day at O’Neills Irish Bar in Bromley, with a completey different line up, most of our live set for this gig consisted of modern Irish rock and traditional jigs and reels. Here though, we are playing a classic Country hit which still kicks with audiences. Clare on fiddle in this clip.