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Apart from Alexis who always fronts and mangages the band, there are several hugely talented and experienced drummers, bass players and violinists who have worked extensively with the band, to give maximum flexibility to them and to you, our clients. 


Ben Gunnery violin, Irish flute, Irish fiddle: Album & live credits include touring and recording with Shane Macgowan and the Popes, going around the world at least twice with the acclaimed Riverdance show and many TV appearances. Ben is half French and half Irish, speaks both languages fluently, if not very comprehensibly, when drunk. Can also just about get by in English. Boy can he play though! As well as rock gigs with Cheesecake he freelances as a classical session player.

Una Palisser, violin & vocals:
Irish born and bred, now living and working in London and gigging around the world. Last year worked with big names including Shakira on her world tour and George Michael promoting his most recent album. Natural affinity since birth for jigs and reels but can read music like you drink Guiness, except even faster and with less disastrous consequences.
Una at Windsor, smiling

Chris Haigh, violin & vocals: Previous work includes playing a Burns Night in Iceland, Russian music for the Mafia in Beiruit, Princess Anne’s birthday party, playing Italian mandolin for a marriage proposal in Rome, fiddling with cossack dancers in Elton John’s back garden, playing for a line-dance in the French Alps, and doing a Jewish wedding in a pine forest in Athens. He has also appeared in an episode of the sitcom My Family as a Mariachi musician. A rich and chequered background.

Eloise Prouse: Sight-reads the guitar solo for The Final Countdown and plays it note perfect without breaking a sweat. Her comfort zone is as first violinist in an orchestral string section but she has done a whole raft of gigs with us recently including our epic New Years Eve adventure, so the Irish tunes and Country fiddle things are becoming more familiar.

Clare Lindley, violin & vocals: Based in Bristol but gigs all over UK. Scottish and with a gift for playing Ceilidhs and calling the dance steps at the same time as sawing out some fiendish fiddle tune.

Clare still

Grant Doyle, bass & vocals: ; In a bizarre development, Grant’s  work as a proffessional opera singer took a fortuitous lateral step when he stepped in to help out with a Christmas gig with the band and ended up doing a ton of gigs with us just after one season of Opera roles finished and before another began. Talented string arranger as well.

Danny Cross: Danny writes music, works as a bass guitar player in various bands, and teaches bass guitar. He first gigged with us last year while Rory was off on an epic road trip round the USA, and is another colleague of Jonty’s. He has now played a load of gigs with us, including the surreal and wonderful night we played a birthday party and Jordan (Katie Price) turned up as a guest.

Dave Chapman – drums: Started gigging with Cheesecake in 2015 and is now working with us pretty regularly. Probably the youngest and hippest member of the band. Which isn’t saying that much.

Chris Nugent – drums & vocals: Sings and fronts for his own band playing original material, but plays drums and sings with us as well. Started gigging with Cheesecake in 2014

Jonty Finn – drums & vocals: Recording, live performance & TV credits:
Weekend Wogan, F1Rocks event in Milan supporting Stereophonics, Radio 2 airplay – record of the week with Ben Montague album ‘Overcome’. Jonty has been a professional drummer, session player and percussion teacher since leaving school, and a committed musician since childhood. His natural grooviness complements Rory’s bass playing superbly and is a key reason why the band work so well with the dancefloor.

Rory Harvey – bass guitar & vocals: With a thorough musical training and education in guitar and bass, Rory plays and teaches both instruments professionally. He graduated from the prestigious Academy of Contemparay Music with a first class honours degree, and was named Guitarist of the Year by the academy in 2008. Monster bass player but he can also sing incredibly high and hit whatever that top note is at the end of Living on a Prayer. 

Vic Cox – bass guitar: Veteran of many a gig over the years with Alexis in one musical project or another.

Vic profile pic
Alexis Ashford – guitar & vocals: Live work includes festivals, product launches, parties and other celebratory events playing to a wide variety of clients, in front of diverse celebrities such as Chris Evans, Billie Piper, Jordan, Roger Taylor and Damian Hirst! Alexis has developed a vast array of solidly arranged material from years of playing rocking parties, mellow restaurants, crazy Irish pubs, glitsy corporate events and top flight weddings.